Thursday, January 17, 2013

Posting more often

Starting to do a better job getting into the science policy community of DC.  And one piece of advice I've gotten is that I should blog more - just to get acclimated to the process and to produce a body of work that people can see.  So I think I'll keep going with this blog and try to dramatically increase the posting pace from the historical average of once per six months.  :)

But as always, we'll have to keep an eye on this Blogger interface, which isn't as WYSIWYG as it used to be.

Some topics I hope to write about soon

  • Global warming - what gets me about this topic is how so much of the criticism simply ignores the theoretical basis for the theories regarding global warming.  That global warming is happening is an inevitable consequence of the increase in CO2 content in the atmosphere.  To deny global warming is to deny everything we know about heat reflection.
  • Vaccines - actually I don't have much to say about the science here.  
  • Fisheries - I think this is a neglected topic.  
  • Charismatic megafauna - why I love pandas and polar bears and don't care so much if some beetle species go extinct.  
Beyond that there are many issues in energy, medicine, computer privacy, and whatnot that will come to mind.